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I hope you all had a great summer. Class starts back 11th September.

Dance has the perfect blend of 'fun factor' and physical activity. Get started today and start seeing the benefits. 

Adele Smith

BA (hons) Dance Theatre, PGCE Dance Education, RAD (RTS). 

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Adult Ballet has moved to Chichester Racquet and Fitness Club!

Dance Class

Photo: Andy Ross, Courtesy of RAD 

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Adele Smith is a young and friendly dance teacher able to deliver weekly ballet and dance classes across West Sussex, assisting both adults and children in discovering the unique ability that dance has to combine the ‘fun factor’ with both physical and mental benefits. Adele is dedicated to delivering high standards with a welcoming atmosphere and teaches classes to those students who wish to progress through the RAD ballet syllabus and also those solely dancing for fun.


In a world where dance has never been more popular there are countless reasons to give it a go. As well as being a great cardio workout, dance can also improve your cardio-vascular health, increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles and fight off illness, all while working your concentration, coordination, balance and agility: a complete body and mind workout. Why not start today?